What Is Hydrocodone?

What is hydrocodone? You might be wondering just that if your doctor has recently prescribed you this medication. Basically, hydrocodone is an opiate, or narcotic, a medication used to treat pain and sometimes coughing. It can come in capsule, tablet or liquid form. Of course, if you're to start taking this medication, you probably have other questions besides "What is hydrocodone?" See below for some answers.

What is hydrocodone medication's main drawback? This drug can be addictive, and so it's crucial you take only as much of it as is prescribed. And when it comes time to end your usage of hydrocodone, your doctor will probably wean you off gradually so you won't have any withdrawal symptoms.

What is hydrocodone medication's major side effect? The most common side effect from this drug is probably drowsiness. For that reason, you want to avoid driving a car immediately after taking this drug. Other common side effects are dry throat, itching, vomiting, nausea and constipation, though many people take this drug and experience no side effects whatsoever.

Do I have to change my diet when I'm on hydrocodone? No, you may eat whatever you like while you're take this medicine, though your doctor may want you to limit your alcohol intake, or avoid alcohol altogether.

How should I store hydrocodone? You should keep this medication away from heat and cold temperatures, and someplace where it won't get wet or moist. Make sure you store it away from children, too. And leave it in its original container, which should remain closed tightly at all times.

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